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About Jason Wu Photography

Jason Wu Photography was founded over 20 years ago on the principle that capturing special life moments in timeless portraits can connect generations through the beauty and emotion of family milestones.

About Principal Photographer Jason Wu

Jason has mastered the art and science of photography in every format, starting with tutelage under the award-winning, renowned Master Photographer Edmond Lee. Perfecting his technique in medium format photography, 35mm photography, developing prints, retouching and framing by hand, Jason opened his own successful photography studio and professional framing business in the Piedmont district of San Francisco Bay Area.

After leading the studio successfully for over a decade, Jason began to focus exclusively on adapting his mastery of classic photography techniques to the digital format. Over the following decade, he developed a unique style that combines the best of the precision and artistry of classic techniques with the speed and innovation of digital photography.

Jason’s style reflects a fresh, lively and natural aesthetic with the soul of classic masters.